Friday, October 31, 2008

New Squidoo Author Lensography

After doing some revisions mentioned in the earlier post today, I revised the Celtic Music: Téada lens to include the videos from the video showcase, then deleted the showcase lens. Btw, Téada is pronounced "tay-dah."

The next thing was to create a lensography for the author lenses I've created over the past year. In my earlier post I'd said I probably would not include science fiction authors, since I have a lensography for science fiction. But I changed my mind and included the four SF authors, so there are 14 authors in the new lens.

It went together relatively quickly because most of the elements already exist. I took the opening paragraph or two from each author's introduction, with occasional modifications. I used the intro photos, and included a link to the author lenses. I also added some fancy drop caps in different colors for a little graphic interest. The authors are listed alphabetically by last name.

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