Monday, October 13, 2008

Amazon UK Associate

I signed up to be an Amazon UK Associate. I figured Squidoo has a fair number of lensmasters from the UK and elsewhere in Europe, and Celtic music comes from that side of the pond, so perhaps I'll get some folks ordering CDs if they can do it through

Signing up turned out to be easier than I thought it might be. That's probably because I've been an Amazon Associate here in the US for about a year now. My Associate's ID is the same as for the US site except the last digit, so it'll be easier for me to make sure it's right. Unlike the US site, I can't have them direct deposit earnings into my bank account. I have to have them send me a checque (not a check - it's British :-) and they won't send one until my earnings reach £50. Today that's just shy of $87 which is more than I've made so far from the US site. I'm not going to be holding my breath. I won't try asking for an exception because I wouldn't expect Brittania to waive the rules.

I've started adding text-only links to each product description on my Celtic music pages. I started with Flook just to make sure everything worked as I expected and everything did. So far I've added Clannad, Capercaillie, Loreena McKennitt and De Dannan. It doesn't take too long if all I'm doing is adding the text links, but sometimes I discover other things that need fixing, such as finding a boxed set for Loreena McKennitt that I hadn't listed previously, and that led to adding track titles to all the CD listings. I also put a box on my Celtic Music: Lenses lens that directs people to's main page. It's kind of ugly, so once I've got the product links done I'll take it off.

I've added an widget to the left side of the blog. The search term "Celtic music" can be changed, of course. I just put it in so the items that show in the widget at least have a chance of being relevant.

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