Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pingler.com Is Strange

Pingler.com, a site that will ping 92 services after you enter the URL of the site you want to ping, does not always play nice. It appears the first time you try to ping a page, it will force you to enter everything twice no matter how careful you are entering the information.

It also appears that the next time you try, you may still have to enter everything twice. Several times now I've had to re-enter information because it's reported I entered the captcha information wrong, even though I was very carful about getting it right, especially after the first time I got that message. That's what happened just now when I attempted to ping my Tony Hillerman lens, which I've just updated today (more to do on that, but I wanted to get something updated). After the second attempt, I was told I've already pinged the lens once today. So now I'm thinking you can't ping a page more than once in 24 hours.

I don't have a problem with that rule, but it would be more helpful if a ping would go through the first time one attempted to ping a page, and then, if a subsequent attempt can't go through, it would be more helpful if the site gave the real reason for the attempt's failure the first time rather than deliver some bogus message about failing to enter the correct captcha code.

Still, Pingler does ping 92 services, so I'll keep using it unless something better comes along.

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