Friday, April 8, 2011

Three New Books in Best Sellers Top 10

This week's update of my Fiction Best Seller lens on shows at least two of the new books in last week's top 10 of The New York Times best sellers list for Combined E-book and Print Fiction were one-week wonders. One of the new ones fell completely off the 35-book list.

New in the top 10 are Jean M. Auel's sixth and last "Earth's Children" book, The Land of the Painted Caves; J. R. Ward's vampire novel Lover Unleashed; and Jonathan Kellerman's 26th Alex Delaware novel, Mystery.

It seems to be a requirement of vampire novels that a bare-chested and very buff guy is featured on the cover. Ward's cover is a bit more restrained than some of the vampire novel covers below the top 10. One is left to assume that the main audience for vamp lit is not male, or at least not straight males.

While Diary of a Mad Fat Girl, Stephanie McAfee's self-published e-book only spent two weeks on the combined list, it's on the e-book-only list for a fourth week and this week went up to 16 from last week's 23. is offering a free excerpt of the book this week, and that's where the link will take you.