Thursday, October 16, 2008 Is Fast!

Late this past Sunday I discovered was having a 25% off sale. I have three Brian Froud posters on my Brian Froud lens that are sold by them and the prices even without the discount are reasonable - one is $6.99 and the other two are $9.99. The sale ended Sunday so I decided to go for it and ordered them.

The order was confirmed around 3 a.m. Monday and shipped at 8 a.m. the same day. Just now the mailman delivered them.

"The Faerie that Was Kissed by the Pixies" will go on my bedroom door and the other two, "Gwenhwyfar" and "Dreamweaver" will go on the sliding closet doors.

Kissed By Pixies
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Brian Froud - Dreamweaver

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Brian Froud - Gwenhwyfar

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If you like these posters and would like to buy them, I'm an affiliate, so clicking on the posters will help me earn a little money.

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