Friday, October 31, 2008

Squidoo Revisions

As usual for a Friday morning I updated my Squidoo lens for Best Sellers - Fiction - Hardcover. Later on, I realized I hadn't added links on my J. K. Rowling's Beedle the Bard lens for the Harry Potter books and DVDs, so I did that and changed the lens title from just "Beedle the Bard." That turned out to be a bit more complicated than I first thought since in the United Kingdom the Harry Potter books and boxed sets are published in adult and children's editions. DVDs come in several flavors as well, with 2-disc, single disc and Blu-Ray versions. I also realized I needed to label the lens on my Squidoo dashboard so it shows up in the Authors category.

The plan from there was to go on to create a lensography for authors. I have a lensography for science fiction authors and Hugo and Nebula award winning and nominated novels, so the authors lensography will include other authors aside from those who write SF.

But in looking at my dashboard, I noticed some of the video showcases are ranking even lower than they were even a week ago. I took a look at the one for Eileen Ivers which was my lowest ranking lens. It had gotten a whole three visitors since I created it over a month ago. It seemed to be an excellent place to start with integrating the videos into the regular lenses. Even better, there's a new video module that shows only one video and it shows them a bit larger than the older YouTube module. There was already one video in the module I'd made earlier for Eileen, so I replaced that with the new one and added five others. Once that was done and the lens published, the video showcase was deleted.

I doubt I'll add any more video showcases in the Celtic music category. With the new video module allowing slightly larger videos than the YouTube module had, it makes sense to have the videos right inside the lens that gives all the other information and CD choices available for an artist or group. A half dozen well-chosen videos or less seems the way to go. So for a while my total number of lenses won't rise much. I'll integrate videos into a Celtic music lens and eliminate a video showcase after I've created a new lens.

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