Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Giant Squid Top 100 Club

I happened to wake up way too early and wanted to check something out online. I'd thought of seeing if AllPosters.com had anything I could use for my Monterey Pop Festival lens. They do have some things related to some of the performers, although nothing specifically relating to the festival itself. My lens relates to the first festival in 1967. The festival may still be going on, so the festival organizers probably retain control of the images.

After checking that out, I decided to see if there was any news on the SquidU forum about the Top 100 club. Even though I'd made 100 lenses by the Sept. 30 deadline, and even got the Monterey lens published by then as lens #101, I wasn't sure I was going to get into the Top 100. I figured if I didn't make it, I'd still reached the goal I'd set of publishing 100 lenses by Sept. 30.

I made a post mentioning that in the forum, and less than 10 minutes later my email updated, and I got one saying I'd made it into the Top 100 club. The Giant Squid organizers include a little handbook which includes the graphic.

It all started last October, when FortunaLee from Delphi posted in her forum about Squidoo. Since I was looking for something to do online that might turn into a little money, I looked into it, and on Oct. 21 I published my first lens about Spider Robinson. I made a few other lenses, and around the end of the year I created a bunch for Hugo and Nebula award-winning novels. Not too long ago I decided to get all my SF lenses into what Squidoo calls a lensography, which is a lens listing all lenses in a topic with links to them. So I made MobyD's Science Fiction Lenses.

In April I began making what has been my biggest series of lenses: Celtic Music. I started with Altan and Flook, and kept going from there. My 23rd Celtic music lens was also my 50th lens overall. At the time - late May, I was more interested in using the pun "23 Squidoo" than making anything of having 50 lenses. I made a few more lenses in June, and in early July I saw a comment on my Spider Robinson lens letting me know I'd been made a Giant Squid. Someone was keeping track, obviously.

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