Sunday, October 19, 2008

One Thing Leads to Another with Sarah Vowell

If one were to search "james a.garfield high school letterman jackets" on Google, the fifth page listed would be my Squidoo lens for Sarah Vowell.

Why is that, you might ask? In her book Assassination Vacation, Vowell writes about President Garfield. That he was assassinated is probably the only thing most people remember about him, if they even remember he was president at all.

They probably know more about him at the James A. Garfield High School in Garrettsville, Ohio. And it must be the time for ordering letterman jackets.

So one thing led to another, and when my attempt to put Sarah's appearance on The Daily Show in my lens didn't work because it's not a YouTube video, I put in a vid of her doing a promo for the audio CD version of her newest book, which led to adding links to the audio CD and the audio CD for her two previous books. And that led to me deciding to post something about it in Squidoo's SquidU Lensmaster Lounge, which led me to think what I was posting there should be a blog post, and here it is. Now if I could just get the Amazon graphic to work with text wrapping....

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