Thursday, October 23, 2008

SF Awards Lenses Updated

I've just finished adding links for Nebula and Hugo Award-winning books, plus some Hugo-winning DVDs, so people in the UK and elsewhere in Europe who might order them through can do that. That covers nearly 700 links, more than I realized when I first made the lenses back around late December.

Going through all those lenses became rather tedious after a while, and I'm really glad to have the job done. This comes not long after I'd updated the Nebula lenses with links to the books that were nominated. Previously I'd only linked to for books that had won the Nebula award. And it also wasn't that long ago that I went through all my lenses adding some tags, donation modules, and referral text, so in the past month or so I've done a whole lot of updating. Overall, though, I think it'll be worth it, although it may be some time before that becomes evident.

I haven't really created new lenses in a while, so with all this updating done, that's one thing to get back to. Not that new lenses will come along at the same pace they did in the six weeks prior to Sept. 30, unless I come up with a new niche that might result in some money coming in. Also, I need to look for new ways and places to do some promotion for what I've already got.

The lenses can be found by checking out MobyD's Science Fiction Lenses.

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