Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Old Songs Waltz

After I posted about the Old Songs Waltz video I did for the Lark in the Morning contest over at Fortuna's Favor on Delphi Forums, I had a response from a friend who has played in a symphony orchestra. He mentioned my rhythym was a little off in places, but he still liked the video. After I responded, saying I was glad he enjoyed it (and apologizing for the arrhythmia), he replied:

of course I liked it - you played with your heart in it

Tonight (Wednesday) I responded after finding something using StumbleUpon:

Arnie, I don't know if I can ever fully express how much I appreciate that comment! I know I'm never going to be a great musician, but I do enjoy playing for fun. I never studied music formally, but I have managed to pick up stuff here and there.

Over the years, I've played around with harmonica, Appalachian dulcimer, tin whistle, and the bowed psaltery. I've tried a few other instruments that I didn't get very far with as well.

What it all comes down to is that it can be fun to pick up an instrument and make something that's reasonably close to music, and with a little practice, it gets a little closer.

Tonight, while using Stumble Upon, I came across this:

I don't play guitar, one of the more ubiquitous instruments in the world, although I took a stab at it once a long time ago. I've stayed with simpler instruments, and have managed to make some music, not great, but fun. And for most of us, that's what it should be all about.

Some people have far more talent than I and make a living at music. The ones I admire the most are those who show that they're having a lot of fun at the same time. They don't always make a lot of money, but people go away from their performances smiling.

My sister just went to the Old Songs Festival near Albany, NY this past weekend. She still goes after going for several years with me before I moved in 2000 (I left for Portland from that festival). I loved that festival. It was like going home - a different home, but a home nonetheless - for a wonderful three days. And the most wonderful part of it was seeing people having fun making music.

I think my only goal in music should be to loosen up and enjoy it more. Maybe that'll make me better, but it shouldn't be the point.

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