Monday, June 30, 2008

My First Video

Lark in the Morning, a music store with locations in San Francisco, Mendocino and Seattle, ran a video contest this month which ends today, June 30. Of course, I waited until the last day when I had only a few hours between watching Klara's show and going to Obama campaign event. I have a bowed psaltery I got from Lark in the Morning in Seattle.

My Canon Powershot S3 IS takes reasonably decent movies, so I decided to use it for the contest. The video was limited to one minute. I chose to play a song I wrote around 1991 called "The Old Songs Waltz."

The song used to have a different title. When I wrote it, I named it after the woman I was seeing at the time. We went to the Old Songs Festival near Albany, NY (the latest one was just this past weekend) in '90 and '91. The relationship didn't last, of course, and I figured I'd just not play the tune any more. Then in '92 when I went to Old Songs, I heard a woman singer/songwriter say from the stage, "No relationship is a total loss if you get a good tune out of it." So I decided to rename the tune "The Old Songs Waltz."

The harp on the back of the sofa was a gift from that woman, and it went with us to Old Songs in '91. I haven't played it much in several years, but it looks nice.

I got more than the tune from that relationship. It served as the basis for my story "The Coming of Winter."

The video is also on my MobyD46 YouTube channel and it shows up as a video response on Lark in the Morning's video about the contest.

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