Saturday, June 28, 2008

Celtic Music Web Pages Caught Up

I just finished the last of the conversions of Celtic Music lenses on Squidoo over to Celtic Music pages on Have Pun Will Travel. That doesn't rule out future lenses and pages on the subject, of course, and I'm sure there will be more.

On Squidoo, they have lenses called video showcases. A lensmaster can put together a collection of videos on a topic, and I decided to create some lenses to go along with the Celtic Music lenses. I've done two so far - one for Alasdair Fraser, one for Altan. There probably will not be one showcase lens for every artists as some simply don't have very many videos online. Also, some of the ones that are online aren't the greatest quality, some are short, some both. They make an interesting addition to the topic, though, so that'll be my next focus with Squidoo.

A tip I saw from Squidoo's "the fluffanutta" was for making the primary tag for a lens better, and that usually means avoiding using the lens title as the tag, which of course is what many people, myself included, do. Following his tip, I modified all the primary tags in my Celtic Music group to "Celtic Music." This should lead to better relationships between these lenses, and perhaps better search results.

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