Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Honkin' Huge Video

I was a bit embarrassed when my camera batteries died yesterday, and I'd forgotten to bring along another set. So today I went back downtown after the lunch rush to try again. I wrote down the URL for the Honkin_Huge Squidoo lens on a card and gave it to Shelly. She asked if I wanted to try the video again after I assured her the batteries were good (plus I had a spare set this time!). She asked her assistant Sarah to play the customer role, and she was a natural in the part! Things turned out so well that I just shot it once, and later realized I didn't even need to cut anything. And this time I had the video setting correct so it would look better than the massed pipes video.

Here it is and it's also on the lens, of course, and my YouTube page:

If you think Shelly was acting, well, maybe she was just a tiny bit, but she's a naturally cheerful and friendly person. And she says "yogurt" like that even off camera when serving actual customers. She's been making burritos for sixteen years, and she says she loves doing it, and hopes to keep at it for many more years. They say, "Do what you love and the money will follow." It seems to be working for Shelly.

And where did the burrito from the video end up? I can personally verify that is tasted great!

I shot a few more photos, but haven't added them to the lens yet. I discovered a problem with images I've been adding lately using HTML to get bigger photos placed where I want them rather than accept the smaller images, one to a text module Squidoo offers by default. I'd place them and they'd show up just fine, but later on when I went back, they disappeared. I tried making my Squidoo album on Picasa public, but that didn't seem to have an effect. Then I decided to copy the photos over to my Flickr account, although I can't put them in a set without getting a paid membership. But at least they showed up once I put in the new coding for them. So far, anyway. The only other photo I've inserted that way was one of Toby Froud in the Faerieworlds lens, which was in the same Squidoo folder on Picasa, and that did a disappearing act too. I put that on Flickr (it's already there, but this one's resized), and it's still showing up. The one photo of Mr. Portland didn't disappear and it's in another folder. Strange.

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