Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Honkin' Huge Lens

OK, it's not that big, really. But it's a lens about Shelly's Garden, the lunch cart in Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland that's the source of the Honkin' Huge Burrito. I was looking over stuff from Squidoo about making lenses, and figured my blog post and Qassia entry could be developed into a lens.

Last week when I went into town to get a burrito, I was several stops down the line from home when I realized I'd forgotten to bring my camera. That wasn't a problem this time, so I got some decent shots, and asked Shelly if she'd mind telling me about what goes into her burritos while I shot some video. She got a little way into talking about it, and it's obvious she's explained it many times, when suddenly the batteries died. And guess who didn't bring fresh batteries? Fortunately, Shelly's very good-natured, and went on telling me about what goes into the best burritos in the city.

Once I got back home, it didn't take long to get the photos onto the computer, resize the ones I wanted to use, and put the lens together. I used some of the text from the previous blog entry, but added quite a bit more.

I thought I'd throw in a little bit about Pioneer Courthouse Square, since it is "Portland's Living Room" and it really makes the location of Shelly's Garden an enviable spot. It also gave me the opportunity to include a couple of more links.

It's a relatively brief page, with no Amazon module for possible income (not that I've been making a whole lot from that anyway), but it was fun to do.

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