Monday, July 21, 2008

Video - Massed Pipes & Drums

I went to the Portland Highland Games on Saturday. I got quite a few pictures, mostly of Golden Bough and other musicians, the parade of the clans, dancers, pipe bands. I experimented with video a bit. There was too much fierce backlighting for the video of Golden Bough to come out well. That's too bad because I was hoping to upload it with their permission since they don't have anything on YouTube.

The massed pipes and drums from the end of the day came out OK except for one thing: I had the video set to 320x240, and on YouTube, videos are larger, so YouTube made it fit their size and the picture quality isn't that good. But the sound is OK considering it was shot with my Canon still camera. So with that in mind, here it is:

This is the fourth or fifth time I've gone to the Games. I found out about them right after I got here in 2000. It was the first event I went to, even before I flew back East to bring my stuff out here by UHaul truck. I missed a couple of times because of work, and last year they were held the same weekend as Faerieworlds, which this year is on the first weekend in August.

I shot a lot of photos and chose 79 of them to put in an album on Picasa, Google's answer to Flicker. Picasa lets users put up 1 Gb of photos for free, while Flickr limits free accounts to three albums, something I found out last year when I tried to add the second day's photos from the Portland Pirate Festival and couldn't. So far I have six albums on Picasa. The Highland Games photos are here:

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