Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kit Cat Clock Lens Updates

My Kit Cat Clock lens on Squidoo got a major overhaul today and I sent out the next paragraph as a "Squidcast" so people on Squidoo will know of the changes.

I finally got my own Kit Cat Clock. It's on the wall just to the left and behind my computer station. To mark the occasion, I replaced the picture in the intro module with one of my clock, made a YouTube video with music - "The Syncopated Clock," and put up pictures of the front, back and sides of the clock box, with the text reproduced, plus I couldn't resist a little fun when I saw the initials of the quoted person from New Jersey.

I created the lens back on November 7, 2007 after being with Squidoo less than three weeks. For a long time I didn't change anything, yet it became one of my most popular lenses, relatively speaking. I wasn't too surprised, although it seemed ironic that a lens I'd put together so quickly consistently outranked lenses I'd spent many hours creating and revising. But then, most of my lenses are on niche subjects. I really like the authors I've done lenses for and the same goes for all the Celtic musicians. However, I know that if I were to drop names like Spider Robinson, John Varley, Altan, Flook, Alasdair Fraser, etc. into a conversation with most people, the most typical response would be, "Who?" or "Never heard of 'em."

Here's the video I made, featuring my new clock:

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