Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where I'll Be at Faerieworlds 2012


I just did a bit of poking around on the Faerieworlds website to see if the site map had been updated (the actual layout of the area, not the website map). I found the 2012 map here - Three Moons Emporium is booth #2219. It's in the lower left corner of the magenta area on the left, putting it just outside the gate between the main area and Inner Circle camping. There should be a lot of people going back and forth by the booth, which is good as long as they stop by now and then. I'm not sure what the white square at the gate is for. I think at one time it was going to be the big pyramid, but I think that has been relocated.

In two weeks I'll be there and I still have a lot of stuff to do. Gotta get off the Intertoobs more and make stuff. I have got a couple of strings of battery-powered lights on my black wizard robe for wearing after sunset. It needs two more strings, one for each cuff (they're six feet around!) and a couple of strings for the wizard hat with all the faeries. They're excited about that! That's high on my agenda for today, along with a few modifications to the Sorting Hat and the Jedi robe for the Rincewind outfit. The bucket hat arrived last week and I've been wearing it when I go out. It's comfortable and keeps the Sun off my head.

Beca, the person in charge of Three Moons Emporium is from the Seattle area. She had thought until today that she'd be taking the train to Portland and a bus to Eugene. I'd offered to meet her at the train station in Portland. But friends of hers have room for her and her stuff, so I'll see her in the Realm two weeks from today. That will, of course, work out far better for her.

Since the booth is at a corner, I hope I'll have room for my tent fairly near to the booth. I got a 25' extension cord to run from the booth to the tent and I'll have colored lights strung on the tent.

I've been thinking beyond Faerieworlds for craft stuff - faerie houses, faerie vardos, steampunk hats, etc. I may put stuff up online if I get good results at FW.

Off for a bit more shopping. They're supposed to be turning off the water for a few hours around now, so it'll be prudent not to be here. I've never lived in a place where the water has been turned off so often, but then, I've lived here continuously longer than anywhere else since 1970.

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