Saturday, July 21, 2012


I have an HP "Photosmart" printer. It has worked very well for normal needs requiring 8 1/2" x 11" paper. One thing this printer called "Photosmart" isn't very good at is actually printing photos. First off, it won't print a 4x6 photo from the computer. It keeps claiming a size mismatch and jams. So I remembered from doing the 2FLOWR license plate I had to transfer the files to an SD card and put that card in the printer. With the license plate it worked well enough that after a few tries I got what I wanted.

This time, however, I wanted to print a pair of legs with the feet in colorful socks. Even after I remembered about putting the pics on the SD card, it still jammed several times running. Finally I decided to give it one last try. It actually printed, but cut off one heel and the toes on the other foot.

So I tried reducing the image a little bit and reprinting after remembering to put a white layer under the image because the canvas size was still 4x6 and transparancies print black which tends to be very thick and bleeds into the wanted image.

Nope, jam, jam, jam.

Forget it. Not being a particular fan of frustration, I decided to go up the street to Walgreens with my SD card. I needed bread and TP anyway.

Walgreens was a much better experience, at least so far. Their photo printing computer was very easy to use. I've never used it before but had very little trouble figuring it out. I ordered 10 of the two images in this post. Fortunately I had realized early in my planning that any image that went on one side would have to be reversed for the other if I wanted all the feet facing the right way.

The photos should be ready in about 15 minutes or so. Maybe I'll give it a little extra time. It cost me $5.80. I haven't decided whether I should cut the image out from the background or just leave the white there. I'll be mounting them in a piece of black cloth which will help hide the wheels a bit although not completely. The front wheels, being on rotating casters, stick out on one side or the other during turns.

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