Saturday, July 21, 2012

Scaling back a little

I've been looking at the stuff to be done and frankly, there's more than I can do before I will have to gather everything together on Wednesday for loading the car Thursday morning. So I'm scaling back a bit. I'm not feeling disap-pointed, I'm just feeling realistic about the time left and my own procrastinating habits.

The Luggage is coming along nicely and I can finish it on time. I think it's going to look pretty good. I've got the feet and legs photos to put on, the red webbing, and something for the interior.

Photo by Suzanna Schneider
The costumes need a little tweaking, but they'll be done as well. I've already put one set of lights on the faerie/wizard hat I've worn for the past few years, and I've got some lights on the black wizard robe with more to come. I have four stovepipe hats to steampunkify and I'm sure I can get those done. They'll be simpler than the 4-clock hat I made a couple of years ago. Got all the parts, just need to bring them together.

Where I'm scaling back is the faerie vardos and houses. If I can get all the other stuff done and still have time for them, I might work more on them, but basically I think they'll be for the future. I'm concerned they're not developing well enough at this point to look saleable and might even detract from the Three Moons Emporium booth. I do not want to sell junk.

A fairy house from Fairy Woodland
I am definitely interested in keeping up with craft stuff after Faerieworlds. I did craft shows back in the '70s when I made clocks that incorporated string art designs. So for next year's Faerieworlds, I think I'll have something that looks like people would want to put in their homes or maybe outside in their yards.
More time was spent thinking than doing, but all the thinking will, I believe, bring results, just not in time for Faerieworlds. I have lots of ideas for faerie houses based on stuff I've seen, including the site The Enchanted World of Fairy Woodland, which is where the photo at left is from. I got their DVD last year and while I want to develop my own method of construction, there are lots of great ideas there. It would be nice to go to one of their workshops, but without a car I don't know if that's practical. It's very appealing, so perhaps I can find a way to attend one. Their main page features a fairy house with a clock. I'd love to make fairy houses with clocks.

Well, I still have lots to do, so I'd better get to it!

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