Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Legend of the Map - Faerieworlds

Today on the Faerieworlds Facebook page, Sylver asked if there was a list of vendors for this year's event. I had just posted a link to that list along with a link to the map showing where vendors, stages, etc. will be located. So I meant to post the exhibitor list, but first posted the map link instead, that being the last URL I'd copied. I realized I hadn't posted the right answer, and was correcting it when Sylver posted another comment in the thread: "Is there a legend to that map?" After posting the exhibitor list, I got to thinking about his question in another sense than he meant it. This was the result:

The Legend of the Map

Many years ago, in the far-off land of Arizona, a group of fae folk known as Woodland made music. Being a sharing folk, they used arcane methods to put their music on a magical disk, The Disk of CeeDee. This magical Disk of CeeDee was called "Twilight" - a title later stolen by the scribing Witch of Forks for her stories about sparkling vampires.

The Illustrious Brian of Froud
This magical Disk of CeeDee was made even more enchanted when Woodland entreated the illustrious faerie artist in the Land of Devon across the Great Ocean for the use of his faerie painting "The Faerie Who Was Kissed by the Pixies." Brian of Froud, being a kind and generous sort, granted this boon to Woodland.

The Woodland fae made it known to friends of faeries in their region of the land of Arizona that their magical Disk of CeeDee would be released unto the world on a certain date. On that momentous occasion, Robert of Gould, he of the City of Angeles and representative on this side of the Great Ocean for Brian of Froud, contacted Emilio of Miller-Lopez and his enchantress, Kelly, to enquire as to progress of the event.

"Robert!" Emilio cried, "There's over two hundred people in faerie costumes outside and I've never met any of them! Thus was the idea of a special celebration of fae folk and their friends born. This celebration came to be known far and wide as Faerieworlds.

The Musical Fae of Woodland
Not long after, the fae folk of Woodland left the land of Arizona for the land of much Winter rain and abundant Summer Sun known as Oregon. Faerieworlds opened the door between the Fae and the Humans in an enchanted place known to Humans as Horning's Hideout. The Faerieworlds door opened for two days in the year of 2004.

The next manifestation of Faerieworlds happened in the Summer of 2005 near another enchanted place, the site of the Oregon Country Fair, itself known for attracting magickal and fae folks. For four Summers, the Winery of the Secret House, which, despite it's name, was well-known among both Humans and Fae, was the site of the annual Faerieworlds celebration. It expanded to three days in 2008.

The Stone Circle of Faerieworlds
Alas, the Winery was unable to host the fae celebration in 2009, but with the cooperation of the good folk in the County of Lane, Faerieworlds swiftly relocated to the Enchanted Arboretum of Mount Pisgah, where revelers were able to erect their temporary domes of pleasure and rest for the three days of merry-making. In 2010, a Stone Circle consisting of eight Standing Stones, each representing a Celtic Feast Day, appeared in the field, signifying that the Fae and their Human friends intended to create their magickal world for three enchanting and entrancing day each glorious Summer.

The Great Map of Faerieworlds on the Tubes of Inter.
Through the magic of the Tubes of Inter, a Great Map of Faerieworlds was born to assist Humans in navigating their way amongst the purveyors of clothing, faerie art, and wondrous foodstuffs while magickal and enchanted performers of music, including Woodland, kept the spirits of the fae revelry alive.

The Fae and their Human friends will gather at the Enchanted Arboretum of Mount Pisgah near Eugene, Oregon from Friday the 27th of August through Sunday the 29th.

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