Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Luggage - Almost Done

The Luggage turned out to be a much bigger project than I first imagined. With so many different things coming together that one might not expect to go together, it's meant a lot a making up things as I went along. I changed my mind about wheels, for instance, several times, but I'm happy I ended up with big ones. Just the way they handle the entry between my little deck and inside over the sliding door frame, I'm not expecting much trouble with the terrain at Faerieworlds.

In the past few days, after putting the teeth in, I've worked on getting the red webbing placed. I thought 10 yards of it would be more than enough, but I was wrong and just found that out this afternoon. I had to make a quick trip to Fabric Depot for two more yards and I also picked up two more packets of fabric nails. I probably should have gotten four packets or 96 in all because I still ran a little short. But I did find some leftovers from several years ago that aren't too different, so I did some filling in with them.

Next came the legs and feet, which I'd cut out over Sunday and Monday. I had gotten some black batting originally intended to be used with the black wizard robe to hide the wires for the lights, but I ended up using black Duck Tape. (That's its name - I know the stuff is really duct tape, but this brand comes in colors and patterns.) So I did some measuring and cutting. I couldn't put it all along the side because the front wheels turn out beyond the sides. So I cut the batting so it wouldn't get hit by the wheel in front. While placing the legs on with glue, I found that only four sets of legs instead of five would fit on the batting without overlapping. So I used the fifth set to see about attaching a partly cut photo to the front wheel. With some experimenting, cutting, and getting Super Glue on my fingers again, I was able to attach it. I hope it stays. I'm hoping all the feet survive the weekend.

I still have to put on the legs, feet and batting on the other side, but at least I did enough for the photo. After that, all it needs is something for towing around.

More costume work after posting this, and I hope I get everything done by late afternoon tomorrow so I can assemble everything for Thursday morning's loading.

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