Friday, July 20, 2012


I haven't been posting much on progress toward getting ready for Faerieworlds, partly because I've no amateur crastinator, I'm a pro. Also I've been doing a little of this, a little of that, but not, frankly, enough so far.

Today, at least has been different, as it had to be with only six days to get everything together. That's counting through Wednesday. Thursday morning I pick up the rental car, load up and head to Faerieworlds to help set up Three Moons Emporium's booth near the gate between the main field and the Inner Circle camping area.

Today was devoted to giving The Luggage it's teeth. As one of the little things I'd done earlier, I'd shaped a bunch of craft sticks by giving each end a point. The plan was to cut them in two later, so each stick = two teeth. They were very sharp, though, and I was concerned about installing them that way.

Today one of the first things I did was cut off and sand the points so I wouldn't impale myself (or some inquisitive kid) on the points. I'd figured out how to mount them, generally, and today worked out the specifics.

I'd bought six cheap covered wagon kits for the wheels for the faerie vardos. Left over were 18 pieces of wood for the wagon sides. I had just about enough to use four sets of two of them glued together to attach to the inside of The Luggage about an inch below the top of the front side. I also used four more wagon sides to glued to the top of the lid. I had discovered I would need to offset the teeth instead of just gluing them inside the lid because they'd hit the side when they came down. With the four small boards, the top teeth cleared the front nicely.

The bottom teeth needed the two small boards time four so the top teeth would overlap the bottom teeth. That worked nicely on the left side where I started gluing bottom teeth, but not so great on the right side. The lid alignment is off just enough to make the top and bottom teeth hit. I found that by gluing another craft stick between the eight right teeth and the two wagon sides, things worked much better. Guess that's to be expected with the inexact art of bodgering - the trunk was never meant to have teeth. Or wheels, either.

So there it is, with freshly-painted teeth done with antique white acrylic paint. That's a piece of 2x4 holding the lid up to show both sets of teeth. I think they came out nice and kind of ragged, which is what I was going for. The flash probably makes the teeth look a bit whiter than they really are.

Next I need to add the red webbing, then get something to use as a rope to pull it along.

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