Sunday, July 8, 2012

Still More Stuff, More Bodgering

Craft Warehouse had coupons for Monday through Friday this week for 40% off one item each day and 50% off one item on Wednesday. The only day I didn't go was Tuesday. I've kept finding things, so it has been worth the trips. After yesterday, I thought it might be a while before I'd return, but with a change in plans, I made a trip today.

Earlier I had gotten two sets of small wheels at $2.97 a set to be used for the faerie vardos. Another alternative was to buy a small covered wagon kit for $2.99 each which included four spoked wheels. With a difference of $5.94 vs. $17.94, I went for the less expensive option. During the week Bill Cass, a puppeter from Washington state, uploaded some pictures of a wagon/vardo he'd made to serve as a mobile stage for Nymbolnuts, his main puppet character and his friends. It got me to thinking that the small wheels I'd gotten just weren't right. So late this morning I got the packages and went back to Craft Warehouse, where I returned them and instead got six covered wagon kits.

I'm mainly interested in the wheels, of course, but some of the other parts will be useful, if not on the faerie vardos then somewhere else. I'd gotten some 1/4" dowels for axles. I'd also gotten some decorative nails for use on The Luggage. Turns out that sticking them through the holes in the center of the wheels and then into the end of a piece of dowel works out great getting the wheels set up to attach to the vardo. The dowel/axle and the nail/hub don't rotate, but the wheels do. The fancy brass nail heads look pretty good on the spoked wheels, and they'll probably look better once the wheels get painted. I cut a couple of small pieces of the kit (the metal-handled knife is pointing at one in the picture) into two. I'll glue those to the axles and then to the bottom of the vardo.

I just did a little measuring on a couple of the faeries on the wizard hat and realized these faerie vardos are scaled just about right for them. I wonder if I'll be able to find any more of the same kind of faeries anywhere. It's been a few years since I got them. After some searching online, none of my faeries showed up, but of course there are probably thousands of different ones available.

[Much, much later] Sheesh! I wrote this on Saturday. Here it is late Sunday and I find I never published it. CRS at work.

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