Thursday, April 26, 2012

Toad Away

This (from Facebook):

Reminded me of this (from YouTube):


A long time ago, in a state far, far away, I was in a bad way. It was Summer 1973 and my wife of a little less than three years moved out of the apartment where we'd just started living in  Grafton, MA after returning from Denver. I'd heard of the Firesign Theatre, and thought maybe they'd give me a few laughs. I bought their first four LPs. It helped enough to keep me going.

Fast forward to Portland, Oregon, the Aladdin Theater in 2005. I took advantage of a rare opportunity to see The Firesign Theatre live. It was "fun for all and no fare to anyone." The whole audience joined the 4 or 5 Crazy Guys in singing "Toad Away."

Peter Bergman and David Ossman (above) at the Aladdin Theater, Portland, OR, Jan. 29, 2005 and (below) Phil Austin and Phil Proctor.

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