Thursday, April 26, 2012


While I was looking through a Delphi Forums forum about Star Trek, I came across a quiz which tells you which ST captain you might resemble. I had a little fun with it answering some seriously and some not so seriously. This was my result:

Which Star Trek Captain Are You?

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Hmmm ... well, there's a slight question about gender, plus I prefer decaf coffee with milk.

I haven't watched Voyager in quite a while. Back when I lived in Massachusetts, the Boston station carrying it kept pre-empting it for Red Sox games and I lost track. 

One of my favorite moments from Voyager was when Paris and Neelix got into a food fight over something. It was interrupted by Janeway calling them to her ready room to tell them they were being paired up for an away team mission. After telling them about it and seeing the looks they gave each other along with their messy uniforms, she said, "Is there a problem?"

Paris started to answer, "Well, yes, Captain..."

Janeway cut him off with, "Solve it!" in a tone that absolutely allowed for not a smidgen of argument.

My sister and I were watching that and she said, with a huge grin, "Oh, I'm going to use that!" At that time she was office manager for a group of doctors and had to deal with some often petty office politics. I hope she did.

I wanted to include a YouTube clip of that, but the only one I could find was in German and it ended before "Solve it!"

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