Monday, September 22, 2008

New Brian Froud Squidoo lens & showcase

I'm pretty sure I can still get to 100 lenses on Squidoo on time. Today I got two closer to that goal by creating a lens for Brian Froud, who became famous with the book Faeries, co-authored in 1979 with Alan Lee. He also worked with Jim Henson on the fantasy films The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.

Once I got the lens published, I created a Brian Froud video showcase, which features two TV specials, one called, and based on, Faeries and and another one called The World of The Dark Crystal.

I'm reasonably sure that any time I typed Mr. Froud's first name I spelled it Brian and not Brain.

I need to do five more lenses by next Monday to be sure I have 100 published on September 30 to make it into the Top 100 group. Once that's done, I'll be able to go over lenses and make improvements. For now, I'm making changes if necessary, but trying to not spend much time changing existing stuff except for the Ground Fog Day lens which has some interactive things in it I need to check now and then.

On Saturday I went to the Portland Pirate Festival and took a bunch of pictures. I've looked them over and may get them up on Flickr later this week if the lensmaking goes well.

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