Wednesday, September 24, 2008

99 - Patrick Street, 100 - Liz Carroll

I reached my goal of 100 published Squidoo lenses today (Wednesday) by publishing a lens for Patrick Street, an Irish group that has been recording and touring, part-time by choice, since 1986 when they decided to stay together after a successful tour called Legends of Irish Music. Since that was published lens number 99, I kept going with a lens for Irish/American fiddler Liz Carroll, who amazed Irish and American musicians alike when she won the senior division of the All-Ireland Fiddle Championship at age 18.

Originally I'd thought I could just do a lens for Liz, then make a video showcase for her, but most of the videos I found didn't strike me as having the quality I prefer. Lots of bad lighting, shaky camerawork and hollow sound. There were a few that were OK, and I'll have to take another look to see if I can add one or two to the lens.

So I ended up looking around, and found some inspiration in Green Linnet's site. That led to the Patrick Street lens. Again, they didn't seem to have enough good videos for a showcase, but there was a series of four videos from an Irish TV show recorded last January, so I made them a part of the lens.

The photo at right shows Liz Carroll and John Doyle. She's been touring and recording with Doyle lately. He is one of the founding members of the Irish/American supergroup Solas.

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