Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ground Fog Day

My Squidoo lens for today is Ground Fog Day. For a long time it's bothered me (granted, not a whole lot) that there's Groundhog Day on February 2 where we supposedly find out whether or not there will be six more weeks of Winter or an early Spring. Groundhog sees his shadow, more Winter.

But what about Summer? Don't people want to know if there's going to be six or so more weeks of Summer, or would they rather not know and hope it goes on forever?

Seems like a new holiday is called for on August 2, six months after (or before) Groundhog Day. It was maybe 30 years ago I came up with the idea for Ground Fog Day, where people go to a low-lying area and see if there's any ground fog.

I never did anything with the idea, although it did come to mind from time to time. This morning one of the Giant Squid Organizers, Robin (rms) had an entry in the Giant Squid Showcase about giving an idea a twist to come up with something different. An example used in the "So You Want to Be a Giant Squid?" blog was a lens by "enslavedbyfaeries" called the Mosquito Protection Society. It's pretty amusing, but it also gives information, in a backwards sort of way, on how you can prevent mosquitos from breeding, plants that repel them, and insect repellents to use.

That got me thinking, a sometimes dangerous thing, and now, several hours later, the Ground Fog Day lens is a reality. I know it's a long way until August 2, 2009, but if you read the lens, you'll see there's some details to be worked out. And who knows, maybe, like with Talk Like a Pirate Day, Dave Barry will write about it. Well, you never know.

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