Friday, August 8, 2008

Tricky Pixie, Squidoo & Flickr

During the week I'd worked on selecting pictures from last Saturday's trip to Faerieworlds (subject of my previous post). Today I added some photos and a new module to the Faerieworlds lens. It's about Tricky Pixie, a trio that started at Faerieworlds 2006 when Alexander James Adams asked S. J. Tucker (that's her in the photo) if she wanted a fiddle player. They were joined by cello player Betsy Tinney from the Gaia Consort. They weren't scheduled to play Saturday, but they did a jam session outside their merchandise booth and I got some decent pictures, including closeups of each that I thought turned out pretty well. One set of Flickr photos on the lens was from that session.

Mount St. Helens and treeLater I added photos to the Mount St. Helens lens I'd started a couple of days ago. Although I've had photos on Flickr since last year, it's only since talking with another photographer at Faerieworlds that I realized it would be a good place to store my photos that I want to use on Squidoo. First I had to upgrade to a Pro membership to get away from the three-set limit for free accounts. I thought I'd get around that by combining my two Faerieworlds sets into one and putting this year's photos in with them. I did that, only to find out, when adding Mount St. Helens photos, there was another limit - only 200 of the most recent photos will show on a free account. Once I encountered that, I forked over the bucks to upgrade the membership. It's $25 a year, and thanks to a promotion, I got another three months free so I won't have to pay again until early November 2009.

SeismographI discovered something else about Flickr, but only after tediously resizing photos to put there for use on Squidoo lenses. Photos are available in several sizes on Flickr, and the size they label "small" is just right for using in a Squidoo lens. The photos are supposed to link back to Flickr, so if people want to see a larger photo, they can just click on the photo on the lens.

There's some tricks I learned from a Squidoo lens about using HTML to place photos in text areas of lenses. I combined some of the coding so a photo is also a link, and realized that such coding can be used here in this blog. Flickr provides HTML coding for placing photos as links, and I used some of the coding from the Squidoo lens about HTML to modify it for margins and positioning for the two Mount St. Helens photos included in this entry. Of course, when I tried publishing this entry, it turned out the HTML coding needed a bit of tweaking to get Blogger to accept it.

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