Saturday, August 23, 2008

Irish Music for Video Game Music Fans

I was submitting my Squidoo lens on Alexander James Adams to Digg, when one of the items they pulled up as a "possible duplication" was a new article from Wired Magazine called "Irish Music for Video Game Music Fans.

I've never been much of a video gamer, although I did spend some time messing around with a few in video arcades for a brief time in the '80s - got sort of good at "Battle Zone" the tank-blasting game. For the most part, though, I considered most video games to be "twitch games" and I don't have the fastest reflexes. I never got into role-playing games either, not that I have anything against them; I just had other ways of entertaining myself on the computer.

The connection between Irish music, and as the article makes clear, Celtic music in general, had eluded me. It doesn't strike me as all that unusual, though. A lot of video game delve into myth and fantasy, and the connection there is a lot stronger.

As I read the article, a lot of familiar names came up, including those I've made Squidoo lenses for, listed here in the order they came up in the article:

Other familiar names came up, suggesting lenses I should make:

  • Eileen Ivers
  • Sharon Shannon
  • Cherish the Ladies
  • Afro Celt Sound System

Cherish the Ladies is on a list of lenses I want to do, and now the list is three lenses longer. I could be busy for a while! And while I'm submitting stuff to Digg, I'll be sure to pay a bit more attention to the list of possible duplications they toss up at me.

It wasn't until after I posted this that I realized the bullets were going to look different due to the theme I chose for the blog. I like them.

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