Friday, August 22, 2008

A Lens for Alec

My newest Squidoo lens, one in the Celtic music category is for Alexander James Adams, an Oregon singer/songwriter and great entertainer who is the Heir to the musical and magical legacy of Heather Alexander.

The photo above was one I took of Alec at the Washington Renaissance Faire in August 2007 when the Canon camera was still pretty new to me. I used it on the lens in a Polaroid module, which shows photos at a 400-pixel width, the size seen here.

This was a lens I wanted to get right, and I hope I've succeeded.

I also hope the lens will result in some CD sales for Alec. He and his wife Kore live, along with a small menagerie, on 30 acres called Fae Hollow, located west of Portland. Financial stability can be elusive for musicians, and they're faced with possible foreclosure. Things are pretty tight for me right now, so I can't buy a whole bunch of CDs or donate, so I made the lens. See the lens for more info.

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