Wednesday, August 20, 2008

From Clare to Here

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It was sad to learn today [Monday] of Ronnie Drew's passing on Saturday. I found out from someone in the chat room during Klara McDonnell's show.

It was also mentioned that there's some Ronnie Drew and Dubliners videos on YouTube, and that made me think of the documentary From Clare to Here with Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill that I'd seen there a while ago. So I decided if it wasn't already here at LI, it should be. It's in five parts, with a total running time probably a bit over 40 minutes. In addition to Martin and Dennis talking about the music, there's Paddy Molony of The Chieftains, Mairead Ni Mhaonagh of Altan and others. It's a good view of what Irish traditional music means on the world stage and what it means to a couple of musicians who help spread it all around the planet.

Here's a link to Part 1.

Any time you want your own private concert of Irish music, check out YouTube and search for the names of reasonably popular Irish performers and you'll probably find a bunch of decent videos.

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