Thursday, May 29, 2008

23 Squidoo

Today marks a couple of milestones. I created Squidoo lenses in the Celtic Music group for the Bothy Band and for the CD Music at Matt Molloy's. That makes 23 lenses in the group, including the Celtic Music: Lenses lens. That meant I got to use a groaner of a pun in the blog entry title, and who am I to resist? Follow the links to the lenses, please; I'd really appreciate it.

More of a milestone perhaps is that this means I now have a total of 50 Squidoo lenses. The vast majority of them took several hours work apiece to get initially published, and many have been tweaked here and there, sometimes rather extensively, since. While the folks at Squidoo say you can put together a lens in five minutes, any lens done that quickly is going to look like it was thrown together in five minutes. There's plenty of lenses on Squidoo that look like they were started and published in a hurry and then abandoned. I don't publish a lens until I feel it will look decent, even if I know I will probably come back later and make some changes.

If you're reading this and you're not an American, or maybe even if you are, you might be scratching your head at the entry title. Around 100 years ago, the phrase "23 skidoo" became popular. It means to leave quickly and was often used by a police officer or property owner to get people to move along. So, why don't you 23 skidoo on over to my lenses!

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