Monday, May 5, 2008

Celtic Music - Lenses for Scottish Bands

Thanks to the influence of, I've tended to focus on Irish music for the Celtic music lenses I created first, although I did get the lens for Scotsman Alasdair Fraser in there. Over the past few days, I've created three lenses for the Scottish groups The Tannahill Weavers, Capercaillie, and The Battlefield Band. The page for Celtic Music: Lenses was updated as well of course. (Photo below - The Tannies)

Normally, I'd been creating one lens and seeing it through to publishing before starting on another one. This time, though, I wanted to get some Scottish music represented, and the three groups were the ones I chose. I got all three pages going on Saturday with some of the easier elements such as links, YouTube videos and pictures. I had almost all of Capercaillie's page done yesterday and thought it would be the first one done today, but I wasn't feeling too inspired about writing the introductory text, so I went on to get the CD listings for the Tannies instead. I just stuck with that lens until it was ready to published, then followed up with completing Capercaillie's lens. I got both of them done just before Klara McDonnell's show on After that, I filled out what was needed for The Battlefield Band's lens and updated the Lenses lens.

So now I have an even dozen Celtic music lenses - nine bands, one broadcast radio show, and Internet radio station, and the summary lens. (Photo at right - Capercaillie CD cover)

I'm not sure what will be next, although I have started gathering some information for a lens on Celtic music compilation albums I've seen on Amazon. A lot of those tend to give a New Age interpretation of Celtic music. Also, I haven't done lenses for Enya or Loreena McKennitt yet, and they're a couple of Celtic favorites.

The lenses, in order of creation, are:

  • Altan
  • Flook
  • Sean Nos Nua
  • The Thistle & Shamrock
  • Alasdair Fraser
  • Celtic Music Lenses
  • Lunasa
  • Solas
  • The Tannahill Weavers
  • Capercaillie
  • The Battlefield Band
Altan's lens was started on Monday, April 21 and published on April 22, so it's only been two weeks since I started on the series. (Photo at left - Battlefield Band CD cover)

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