Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Clannad's Lens Finished at Last!

I've just published the last of the six lenses I started at the same time a while back. Clannad has 20 albums listed on Amazon, with some available as MP3 downloads. Unlike De Dannan, there was a lot of information available online for Clannad. This highly successful group (15 million albums sold) has had several hits, including "Theme from Harry's Game." The original group consisted of three siblings and their twin uncles, and for a while in the early 1980s sibling Enya was a member.

The photo was used for the cover of their 1982 album Fuaim, the only one for which Enya was a full member of the group (she'd contributed a vocal on one track of their previous album Cran Ull). She's the woman on the right. She has gone on to sell 70 million albums, so she's been able to update her wardrobe a bit.

The Celtic Music Lenses lens was updated, of course. Clannad is the 18th artist/group featured in my series, and along with lenses for The Thistle & Shamrock, LiveIreland.com and the lens that keeps track of them all, there's a total of 21 lenses.

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