Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gráda and De Dannan: Two New Squidoo Lenses

I've put up two new Celtic Music lenses, one for De Dannan (one of the six I started a while back) and Gráda, a fairly new group compared to many of the others. They've been added to the Celtic Music: Lenses lens. The lens for Gráda came about when I heard them on and decided to see if Amazon had any of their recordings. They did, and since they have been around only a few years, they don't have that many yet, although I expect there will be more in the future.

I've gotten used to finding a fair amount of information online about artists I've created lenses for, and was a bit surprised there wasn't more for De Dannan. But I put together what I could, in a hopefully coherent fashion. This was made just a bit difficult for another reason: the group changed the spelling of the name after a few years. They started out as Dé Danann, but by the time they recorded Ballroom, they'd dropped the accent mark and shifted an "n" and from then on were known as De Dannan. I like spelling things correctly, yet sometimes I see what I expect instead of what's there, so it was a bit confusing, even after I figured it out. It doesn't help that Amazon, in spite of the group's name change, lists them for all recordings as De Danann (no accent mark, but with the "n" in its original position). It also doesn't help that Squidoo's modules sometimes accept the accent mark and sometimes don't. It will take it in the title for the introductory module, but not in the text, while in text modules, it accepts the accent. In text descriptions of albums, it doesn't like the accent.

As always, I'd appreciate it if you'd follow the links over to my Squidoo lenses. I've noticed people did that for my lens on Enya, since Squidoo's statistics for each lens show what websites referred people to the lens, although I can't tell who visited (unless a comment is left, and you're always welcome to do that).

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