Friday, May 16, 2008

New Squidoo Lens for Loreena McKennitt

I'm glad I continued work on the lens for Loreena McKennitt, one of the six lenses I'd done basic work on several days ago, early in the day. While it was very warm yesterday, today was downright hot, with temperatures in the mid-90s, well above the average high even in mid-summer. Considering most of our days have had below-average temperatures since last September, it was uncomfortable.

I got everything done this morning except the writing of the introduction and general text, always the hardest part of a lens. This evening, I was able to get to work and complete that part, get the lens published, and update the Celtic Music: Lenses lens. It was nice to find out from the Wikipedia entry that Loreena's production company, Quinlan Road, has made two photos available for people to use legally as long as appropriate credit is given. (Photo credit: Richard Houghton, Copyright Quinlan Road, by courtesy of Karen Shook on behalf of Quinlan Road). That of course applies to using them in a blog. I was a bit disappointed to find that only one of her albums, An Ancient Muse, is available as MP3 downloads from Amazon. A bit less work for me in making the lens, but also less opportunity to make a little money from the downloads, which Amazon is paying a 10% commission on (most commissions are lower, in the area of 4% to 7.5%). But hey, over time, people have the opportunity to learn a bit about Loreena from my lens.

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