Thursday, December 11, 2008

Zazzle: Never Say Die!

About a year ago, when I was thinking about doing stuff on CafePress, my online friend and fellow paronomasiac (it's a big word for punster) suggested using material from The Punnery for T shirts. I got as far as coming up with a couple of dozen lines I'd used in the Never Say Die thread and putting them on templates. So today I remembered that and figured it would be easy to create a T shirt line on Zazzle.

I could have used the artwork, such as it was, from the CafePress stuff, but instead I typed in each line into Zazzle's product creator, one shirt at a time. I bumped up the size one notch from Zazzle's default. The default font is a rather boring Futura font, so I decided to see what else they had. I scrolled right up to the top of the list. The first one was called Ad Lib, a fairly bold font that had some character but wasn't overpowering. I suppose I could've hunted around a bit, but Ad Lib is a good font that won't distract from the message. I started making shirt designs and wound up with 25 of them, including a few that weren't from The Punnery.

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I also did a bit of digging in Zazzle's help files and this time managed to come up with how to create new product lines that weren't subcategories of "New Products." I should've known that before I started creating stuff because now I have to move all the existing products into their own lines. That has to be done one product at a time. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to check off a group of items and move them en masse.

Right now, all I've got in Never Say Die is the T shirts, but I'll add more stuff, like mugs and bumper stickers, later.


Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann said...

Old fishermen just smell that way, huh? I had a few good chuckles while watching your gallery, Moby. Punny stuff!

Old chefs never die! They just run out of sauce... :)

Susan said...

Is it really that easy? I just have to try it. Glad you got it figured out, Moby, and thanks for shortening my learning curve!

jewelsofawe said...

Love the old fisherman never die they just smell that way. Great funny sayings on your t shirts