Thursday, December 4, 2008

Getting into Zazzle

A lot of folks on Squidoo are making designs for stuff on Zazzle, which is a print-on-demand company similar to Cafe Press. People say the quality of products from Zazzle is better than from Cafe Press. In the past few days, Squidoo rolled out a module for people who want to feature products from Zazzle, either their own or someone else's. If someone goes to Zazzle from a Squidoo link, there's a commission involved, so right away it looked like an easy way to make a little bit of money.

create & buy custom products at Zazzle

To become a Zazzle associate, you have to have a gallery, so I decided I'd start one: MobyD46. I'd previously looked into doing stuff with Cafe Press, but I didn't end up getting involved with them. Some of the preliminary stuff I did was to set up some images for use in a calendar. So when I started with Zazzle, that was the first thing I did. I didn't have quite enough images, but I only needed a few more. Images can be uploaded directly from the computer, then they go into an image repository so they can be used at any time for additional products. I got the calendar done last night (Wednesday) and added a few other things using the tiger photo.

Today I discovered how to create a whole group of products from one image at once, so I used the tiger photo and a few others - lorikeets, elephants, and an eagle. Not everything looked great on the products Zazzle sets up, so I had to go through each set and delete some and adjust some others.

Like Squidoo and so many other companies engaging in getting people involved in doing stuff online, Zazzle makes it sound easier than it really is. Still, although there's a learning curve, with a little, or perhaps more than a little, work I should be able to figure things out and really get rolling. I have some decent photos and Zazzle has some ways to get them on products. It'll help if people want to buy them.

I haven't used the new Squidoo module yet. I want to get more stuff ready first. But a lot of people who already have Zazzle galleries are jumping on the bandwagon.


Susan said...

I really, REALLY want to do this. I'm an associate, but I haven't designed anything. I love the images and how they look on my lenses, but the new squidoo-zazzle partnership is just awesome, and your widget here is fantastic! Golly, so many things to do, so many great ideas!

Great job, MobyD!


Alice said...

Agree.!! Quality of products from Zazzle is better than others.