Thursday, December 11, 2008


Yesterday over in Delphi Forums, there were some postings in Fortuna's Favor about the governor's corruption in Illinois, where the Gov was seeking payoff for appointing someone to fill Obama's Senate seat. Here was my response:

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Maybe all the lobbyists and crooked politicians could set up their own online auction site:


Tonight on Keith Olbermann's show, he mentioned some people are referring to the scandal as, you got it: gBay. Keith didn't say who those "some people" were. After I posted that yesterday morning, Fortuna asked me if it was OK if she used it, and she put it in her own blog.

It's the nature of humor that often the same joke arises independently in different places, so there's probably no connection between my post and Fortuna's blog and the people Olbermann was talking about, but you never know.

"Mouse potato."

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