Friday, December 19, 2008

Maggie's Music & Snowflakes

I added a couple of new lenses for Maggie's Music yesterday:

Maggie's Music: Bonnie Rideout
is about the three-time U.S. Scottish Fiddle Champion.

Maggie's Music: Maggie Sansone is for the founder of Maggie's Music and features her CDs. She's recorded quite a few, some solo and many with other artists on her label.

I now have four lenses done and published in that series, including Maggie's Music and Maggie's Music: Christmas. More to come.

My lens on Wilson A. Bentley, the Jericho, VT farmer who took over 5,000 pictures of snowflakes, has been getting a fair number of visits, most from Google searchers. While looking at the stats page, I saw someone had found the lens by searching for "snowflake bentley video" and I was somewhat surprised to realize I hadn't included any YouTube videos in the lens. I recalled seeing a video from Boston's WBZ-TV meteorologist Mish Michaels last year when I made the lens, but I obviously didn't include it. I suppose, still being new at lensmaking, I didn't think I should use it. Now I wonder why I thought that.

Today, however, I did add it to the lens, then looked around to see if there were any other videos. I found a couple and put them in as well. One is a trailer for a one-hour documentary about Bentley, the other part of a series of short videos by a woman from Madrid, Spain about "Masters of Photography." All three videos are quite different, but they're all very good and add a lot to the lens. Check it out!

Perhaps one reason I thought of checking out my Bentley lens was that it's been snowing lightly off and on today, and we got an inch or two yesterday. I know a good way to get it to stop: all I have to do is start gathering something dark to let snowflakes fall on, then figure out how to take the most closeup photos my camera is capable of taking.

It's already working! There were a few flakes falling as I started writing about snowflakes, and now the weather radar shows the nearest snow is about 50 miles west of here, out over the Coast Range, so it might not even make it here.

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