Thursday, January 3, 2008

Nebula Awards Lenses on Squidoo Published

I got the Nebula Awards lenses updated to where I felt I could publish them. So far I've only linked to the books that won, and just listed the nominees. It's a lot simpler than with the Hugos, but I've got the option to flesh things out over time. I realized I hadn't lensrolled them earlier today, so I did that just now. I also tried to add them to StumbleUpon, but got an error, so I'll try again tomorrow. I did get them added to, though.

I've also updated more of the John McPhee lens by writing some more capsule reviews for more books. I've still got a dozen left, and plan to do them over the next couple of days. I could finish it tomorrow if I get inspired. Also, I found a three part interview with McPhee from WPRB radio in Princeton, NJ, where McPhee's lived all his life, so I added links for that. I had started the updating of that lens and had gotten one group of five books done. It involves not only writing the reviews but also changing the format so each book has its own text module, and the link to Amazon gives me more of any revenue generated if anyone links and buys a book. I found it more practical to give each book its own module, otherwise a short review can lead to spacing problems. Text wraps around the Amazon link, but if there's not enough text, the next link is indented. It can get messy pretty quickly.

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