Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More on those "44" calls

I went through the list of calls recorded on my phone today, and found six more calls with 12-digit numbers starting with 44. Since I didn't speak to anyone during those calls, I don't know if the company would've been identified as "Financial Services" of Atlanta, GA as last night's call revealed. But I did put in a complaint for each call on www.donotcall.gov. That site accepts complaints if you know the number but not the company or vice versa, although I think it's better if you can supply both. Still, anyone looking at the complaints I filed would see the pattern. They were all 44 numbers, with the next three digits being 207 or 208. Beyond that, all the numbers were different, so probably each operator has a separate number, probably in an attempt to make it look like it's someone different calling each time so calls can't be blocked by entering a full number in a blocker. I suppose I should look into whether my phone can set up blocks for all numbers beginning with 44207 and 44208.

When I looked through the call detail of my recent bills, I saw the calls went back to Nov. 14, 2007, so there haven't been a whole lot of calls. But still, it's seven more calls than I should have gotten.

I'm not sure if the reports will amount to anything. If I don't file complaints, it definitely will not amount to anything and I might continue getting calls unless the woman I spoke with last evening really did get me on the company's do not call list. Who knows, maybe they really don't want to call pissed off people to try to sell them stuff. Some companies aren't that bright, though, so we'll see.

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