Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Finally: Issue Resolved

They finally sorted out whatever it was that was keeping my from having access to programs that others got access to last week, so it looks like I won't be going off looking for another job too soon. I absolutely hate looking for work, and because I keep to myself so much, references aren't the easiest things to come by.

I didn't have the access when I went in this morning, and I mentioned it again to the trainer. I didn't say I wouldn't come back from lunch if access wasn't given, though. It turned out that when I checked during lunch, everything was resolved. I mentioned that to the trainer, and she said it had been escalated yesterday. I'm glad I didn't just roll over and play dead and let them take their time resolving this, even though they weren't terribly speedy about it.

Even better, this afternoon the guy who will be my supervisor after I get out of the training part on the phones came over and introduced himself. I remembered him from my last stint there, and frankly, I think I probably got a supervisor best suited to me. He strikes me as being a relatively serious, conscientious type as well as a decent human being.

Other than the login issue, things seem to be going well. I'm pleased to see that I even remembered a lot of stuff from being there before, so I can concentrate on things that have changed. There's a whole lot of stuff to recall - maybe not to memorize, but at least remember where to go to find out stuff. The search functions on the programs are sort of like Google, but not nearly as easy to use, which a lot more guesswork or just finding out somehow where to go and trying to recall it when needed.

It's a bit of a relief to have things straightened out so I can concentrate more on the learning process. I didn't miss out on too much by not having the login issue unresolved, but there were a few things.

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