Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bureaucratic Screw-up

This new job could come to an abrupt end tomorrow. Everyone was issued login IDs for several systems. Because I worked there before, they gave me my old ID number. It doesn't work. Our trainer, who was pulled in to train our class at the last minute, having not trained anyone for two years, has checked with people several times, but I still don't have a valid login.

This afternoon, we spoke to someone recommended by another trainer. She said it could take 10 business days before I'd have a valid login, and by that time training in the classroom is over. That is not acceptable. They made an offer of employment, I accepted, and now they're saying they can't give me access to the tools all the other trainees have.

Either they fix it tomorrow, or I'm out.

For a Fortune 500 company, they sure are messed up. They're constantly telling people one thing, then something happens and whatever was told turns out to be wrong, or they just do something else. And they know this is a problem - I heard someone say this always happens with re-hires. They're more interested in filling positions so they can bill the client than they are in properly equipping people with the tools they need to do the job properly.

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