Thursday, December 20, 2007

My New Place to Blog

I've been blogging for a while on Delphi Forums - at first sporadically, lately more often as I got lenses set up on Squidoo and a started my website, Have Pun Will Travel. Over on Delphi, my blog is called Moby's Soundings. I chose MobyD's Soundings for this blog to differentiate from the Delphi blog and to avoid confusion with Moby the musician.

I'm starting this blog because I'm trying to make a little money with my Squidoo lenses and website by being an Amazon Associate and Powell's Partner (Powell's being the largest independent bookstore in the US, and my favorite place in Portland). The Delphi blog is probably only read by people signed up with Delphi. This blog should give me more exposure.

I hope you'll visit Have Pun Will Travel and see what's there. While there are pages for authors I like and I hope to add more, there's other reasons to visit. If you're a fan of puns, you might be interested in The Punnery on HPWT. It's a collection of posts from the original Punnery on the old GEnie service. I started with just my posts, but am adding posts by others as they give permission. My re-creation of The Punnery covers 23 pages.

Elsewhere on HPWT I've posted some stories I've written, plus a page of photos of a tornado I saw in Kansas back in 2000 when I traveled from Massachusetts to live in Oregon. My Squidoo lens links to some of the photos I've posted from Faerieworlds 2006 and 2007 and the Portland Pirate Festival 2007. I would've put up more on Flickr, but they only allow three photo sets unless you pay $25 a year. I'll be exploring other options for posting more photos. And if you're reading this during the holiday season, I've got links on both HPWT and Squidoo to Hay Visage form Sane Ticklish, a "translation" of Clement C. Moore's classic poem that starts "T'was the night before Christmas...." The original poem is there too.

One thing I put up on HPWT is a must-see for punsters. It's a page of links to over 30 videos on YouTube from the O. Henry Pun-Off in Austin, Texas. There are a few videos of people vying for Punster of the Year with prepared material, but most are from the Pun-Off competition and feature spontaneous punning. There's also one video from 2006.

There's also a page on HPWT of links to other pun sites and other YouTube pun videos.

While the website and lenses are my main focus these days, I'll probably comment on other things here. On Delphi, I have a forum about science fiction author Spider Robinson called Robinson's Place, and I visit a few other forums on Delphi. I've cataloged my books on LibraryThing.

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