Tuesday, December 25, 2007

More Hugo Lenses Up, Nebulas to Come

For anyone reading my archives, please note that the Hugo Award lenses, except the one for Movies and TV, were replaced by one multi-page lens, Hugo Award Winners: Novels in January 2011. Links to the old lenses in these blog posts no longer work.

The lenses for Hugo Awards - Novels for the 1970s, 1960s, and 1950s have now been published on Squidoo. So all the lenses have been published and they all have at least links for the winning novels for each year, and a listing of the nominees. What remains is to add descriptions for the winners from the 1980s on back, and create links for the nominees.

So then I got the bright idea to create lenses for the Nebula Awards. I created them and got the listings of the books put in, but an introduction for the Awards still needs to be done. There was no photo of a Nebula Award available on Wikipedia, unfortunately. The description I read of it sounds nice - a glitter galaxy suspended in a cube of lucite. So far the only reasonable photo of the award is one spotted on Robert J. Sawyer's website.

Unlike with the Hugo lenses, I don't think I'll be in quite the rush to put up the Nebula lenses. For one thing, because there were many years when the Hugo winner didn't win the Nebula, I'll have to write up new stuff. Sixteen books won both awards, so at least that's sixteen reviews I won't have to write for the Nebulas. That leaves 27 to write. It'll take a while. But I've got the URLs reserved.

I was looking at Sawyer's website, which has a page for Carolyn Clink, his wife. Carolyn took the photo of the Nebula. Toward the bottom of that page, her brother David gets a photo and a paragraph, which mentions he's had five poetry chapbooks published. One of them is called a come-on from the horse on seventh avenue. I do declare I got a laugh out of that. If you're in the dark about that, think Simon & Garfunkel, and if you're still in the dark about it, give it another thought tomorrow, on Boxing Day.

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