Monday, December 31, 2007

Hugo Awards - Movies & TV Shows

I've put together and published a lens on Squidoo for Hugo Awards given to movies and TV shows from 1958 to 2007. There are no descriptions, just links to Amazon, and only the winners are listed. It took about a week to get the novel lenses done. By leaving off descriptions (available on Amazon anyway) and nominees, this lens took only a few hours.

Some of the links, especially for TV shows, had to be for collections of a whole season. In the case of the two Indiana Jones movies that won, I linked to a collection of the four movies since Amazon wasn't offering the individual movies from its own stock. Even 1958's winner The Incredible Shrinking Man, was available, although that one is only available in a version with coding incompatible with most DVD players sold in the US and Canada.

I'm considering whether to do Hugo lenses for other award categories. I'll have to look into publications including novellas, novelettes, and short stories and possibly build lenses around the publications.

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