Monday, December 24, 2007

Hugo Awards - Novels - 1980s on Squidoo Published

For anyone reading my archives, please note that the Hugo Award lenses, except the one for Movies and TV, were replaced by one multi-page lens, Hugo Award Winners: Novels in January 2011. Links to the old lenses in these blog posts no longer work.

The lens for the Hugo Awards - Novels - 1980s on Squidoo isn't totally done, but I did get the books typed in and linked the winners to Amazon, so that was enough to publish. I put a note on the page saying the short reviews of the winners and links for the nominees would be added soon.

I just checked and there's already 48 visits for the 1980s lens, which only got published an hour ago, and 109 for the 1990s lens. For some reason the count seems to go up soon after publication, and then it doesn't get updated until the next day. The 2000s lens has been showing 56 visits all day. All three lenses have been added to StumbleUpon.

By the way, StumbleUpon is a pretty neat thing to have, especially if you're using Firefox because a StumbleUpon toolbar can be added to that browser. Oh, and when I went to create the link, I saw there's one for IE. With the toolbar on the browser, just open up any page and hit the Stumble! button. It'll take you to a site you indicated might be in a category you're interested in when you signed up. It gets addictive, and is certainly more informative than playing the 11,348th game of FreeCell or getting blown up for the 5,392nd time in Minesweeper.

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