Friday, November 7, 2008

Squidoo Lens of the Day!

I got up pretty early this morning and decided to check if the Publishers Weekly best seller list had been updated yet. It had, so I went about updating my Best Sellers - Fiction - Hardcover lens. It was easier than usual this week because there are only two new books on it.

I'd noticed the lens rankings on Squidoo had been updated as well, and this time my Spoonerisms lens was my top-ranked one. That was nice - it had been rising lately. As I was puttering around with my dashboard listing of lenses, I noticed that the Spoonerisms lens had been rated 26 times. That was a big surprise, since the last time I'd checked, I think it had only been rated maybe ten times or less, so this was a huge increase. A lot of times when people rate a lens (you have to be a member of Squidoo for that) they'll leave a comment, so I pulled up the lens and scrolled down to "Feeder Readback for Spoonerisms."

The most recent comments appear at the top, and among them was one from "aj2008" who included "Congrats on LOTD." That means Lens of the Day, or as a couple of commenters, "spirituality" and "Susan52," wrote, "Dens of the Lay." That explained why suddenly the comments were five pages long as people leaving star ratings also left comments. A few other folks also included a Spoonerism in their comments.

One of the neat things about a lens being Lens of the Day is it shows up in the left panel of every lensmaster's dashboard - the Squidoo page lensmasters go to to see how their lenses are doing. The lens is currently ranked 1,487 overall and 17 in the Humor category.

This is my first time being honored with Lens of the Day. I'm chight ruffed about it, as my Aussie friend Vickie might say if she were given to Spoonerizing.

Hmmm...maybe I should add another tairy fale or one of Aysop's feebles to the lens.

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